• Luminant - Kosse Clean Coal Facility

Luminant - Kosse Clean Coal Facility

Luminant - Kosse Clean Coal Facility
  • Owner: Luminant Mining
  • Project: Lignite Handling and Loading System
  • Location: Kosse Clean Coal Facilities, Kosse, Texas
  • Scope: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Startup and Commissioning

Project Background

Roberts & Schaefer Company was awarded a turnkey contract from Luminant Mining for engineering, procurement, construction, start-up and commissioning of the lignite handling and loading system at Luminant Mining’s Kosse Clean Coal Facilities in Kosse, Texas. The system was successfully completed and in operation in 2008.

The lignite handling and loading system is designed to receive raw coal from 175-ton bottom dump or 250-ton back dump trucks. The receiving hopper has a capacity of 500-tons and discharges through two feeder/ breakers to a conveyor that conveys the material at 4,000 TPH to the transfer tower at the coal storage building. At the storage building a traveling tripper discharges the coal to a 100,000-ton raw coal storage pile. The transfer tower is designed for a future screening plant feed conveyor and a clean coal-collecting conveyor. The storage building is designed for a future clean coal conveyor with traveling tripper and segregated piles.

Coal is reclaimed from the storage building with two rotary plow feeders, each with a capacity of 3,730 TPH. The loadout conveyor at 4,000 TPH transfers the coal from the storage building to the batch weigh dual hopper loadout system where the railcars are loaded. Ancillary systems include wet dust suppression, washdown, service air, and closed circuit TV.